г.Таганрог, ул.Петровская, 45
Приемная комиссия: (8634) 36-20-04
Секретариат: (8634) 38-33-60
Версия для слабовидящих

г.Таганрог, ул.Петровская, 45

Приемная комиссия: (8634) 36-20-04 Секретариат: (8634) 38-33-60

"Знания – тот багаж, который наполнить трудно, но нести легко и престижно!"
Помощник ректора по международным связям к.п.н., доцент Л.А. Свешникова

For Foreign Students and Collegues

Taganrog Institute of Management and Economics is ready for scientific and educational co-operation with our colleagues in Mathematics, Law, Economics and the Arts. We also invite young people to enter our Institute. Dear young people, you can get a degree in Economics, Law, Management, Customs Law, State Management, Accounting and Audit Practice. To enter the Institute you need a school certificate, college education or high education diploma. You should speak good Russian. All questions can be asked at: Taganrog, 45, Petrovskaya St., 2-nd floor, room 215 or at the Department of International Relations: Lyudmila Sveshnikova,
Phone: +7(8634)36 25 82 add.512,
e-mail: l.sveshnikova@tmei.ru
As you can see, our institute is a new, progressive, attractive educational institution. It is located in one of the most significant industrial, cultural and historical centers in the South of Russia. Taganrog was founded by the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great in 1698. Taganrog is especially proud of being a birth place of Anton Chekhov, the world famous playwright.

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